How To Tell If I Grind My Teeth At Night

Grinding your teeth (technical term bruxism) at night is a harmful condition that can be seriously detrimental to your oral health. Especially since you are doing it when you are asleep, it can take serious symptoms to start showing until you are able to recognize that a problem is even occurring. Unless you have someone […]

Should you rinse your mouth out after brushing?

Whether you should or shouldn’t rinse your mouth out after brushing has become a quite controversial topic. There are reasons on both sides of the argument so we have laid them out below: Why Some Argue You Should Rinse Your Mouth: After brushing your mouth is filled with a foamy flavored toothpaste so many people […]

Severe Pain After Temporary Crown

Crown placement is necessary for a variety of conditions related to your dental health, placed usually when fillings or other methods are unable to be used. They help protect, restore, stabilize, and keep your teeth aesthetically pleasing to look at. There are some procedures that may be uncomfortable or painful at the dentist, you may […]

Do Kids Need Fillings on Baby Teeth?

After parents are advised their child has a cavity, the most common question asked is: “Do baby teeth need fillings? Can’t we wait until the tooth falls out?” You should take your child’s cavities in their primary teeth just as seriously as you should take them in permanent teeth – meaning, you should seek the […]

Why Should You Tell Your Dentist If You Have Allergies?

At the dentist’s office, there are a variety of possible elements that could affect you if you have allergies. Common allergies can affect your sinuses, leading to pain resembling a toothache. More severe allergies related to certain foods could possibly cause an issue during your visit depending on the type of service being given. We […]

Waterpik vs. Flossing

Brushing your teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is a good start, but regular brushing may not be enough to clean out food particles, plaque, and bacteria from between teeth. Interdental cleaning, such as flossing, is recommended by the American Dental Association. You may be trying to decide which is better for cleaning in […]

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