Dental Exams & Cleanings for Children

What can your child expect during their dental exam & cleaning?

Dental Exams for Kids in Carlisle

Childrens Dentist in Carlisle

Dental exams and cleanings for children are a very important routine procedure that should begin at a young age so your children are used to visiting the dentist and to begin to create healthy habits for our youth.

During a children’s dental exam, the hygienist will perform an evaluation of your child’s teeth for any signs of tooth decay. Depending on the age of the child, they may have a simple fluoride treatment performed as well as a sealants on their teeth to prevent decay. The dentist or their team may also perform dental x-rays to check for any underlying dental issues that can be addressed before they become worse.

It’s also routine to discuss proper brushing & flossing habits with children during their visits to the dentist office and their hygienists and dentist will also discuss healthy food and beverage choices to help keep their teeth strong and healthy into adulthood. 

Why routine dental cleanings & exams are important for children

A routine (usually every 6 months) dental exam for children is very important in establishing healthy oral health habits as well as allowing their dentist to detect and treat problems such as tooth decay, tooth development and bite alignment, and other problems early when they can be treated easier and usually with less complications. 

What can my child expect when they visit the dentist?

The age of your child will determine the type of procedures performed during their dental exam and cleaning. 

Age: 6 to 12 months old

A hygienist will most likely ask the parent about your child’s eating and drinking habits and perform a simple evaluation of your child’s oral hygiene and overall health. If your child has light stains or deposits on their teeth, they may gently scrub with a wet toothbrush or wet cloth. 

The hygienist or dentist may also go over proper cleaning techniques with the parent(s) and ask a few questions about the amount of fluoride your child is getting through their diet and use of fluoridated toothpaste. 

The dentist may also check your child’s mouth for sores, bumps and look for any signs of impacts of thumb sucking or pacifier use.

Toddlers through adolescents

Once your child has developed and has more teeth to check, their dentist will perform more in-depth exams that continue to cover healthy eating, drinking and hygiene habits, and that also include cleanings from a hygienist. 

They might also take dental X-rays and perform other procedures such as applying sealants to permanent molars to prevent teeth that are more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay.

If your dentist identifies issues that require pre-orthodontic or orthodontic treatment, they may also recommend appropriate treatments which can help adjust the bite of your child’s teeth and prevent further complications.

When your child enters their older teenage years, the dentist might begin to talk with them about other oral health risks that are associated with drinking excess sodas and sugary beverages, smoking & chewing tobacco, eating disorders, and the proper use of mouthguards during sports that have physical contact. 

It’s also during your child’s later years that their dentist might also begin to discuss with you and them the possible extraction of their wisdom teeth if they present any problems such as crowding other teeth, pain & swelling, or partial eruption. Removal of your child’s wisdom teeth is a procedure that can prevent more complicated issues regarding their oral health and comfort.

After your child’s routine dental cleaning and examination

Once your child’s dental cleaning and exam are over, their dentist and hygienist will discuss when they would like your child to return for a follow-up visit. This is usually once every six months, but their dentist might recommend a higher frequency of follow-up visits if your child has a higher risk of cavities and decay, or other health concerns. It’s best to discuss how often your child needs to visit with their dentist during their next appointment. 

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