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Why Should You Tell Your Dentist If You Have Allergies?

At the dentist’s office, there are a variety of possible elements that could affect you if you have allergies. Common allergies can affect your sinuses, leading to pain resembling a toothache. More severe allergies related to certain foods could possibly cause an issue during your visit depending on the type of service being given. We always suggest telling your dentist any allergies you suffer from ahead of time. 

Why Allergies Can Be Affected

There are some things in the dental office you should watch out for when you have allergies. These materials & substances include: 

  • Latex – Many, if not all dental offices use latex examination gloves when practicing. If you react in ways such as hives, itchiness, closed throat, wheezing, etc. it is important to let your dentist be aware of the allergy. 
  • Anesthesia & Relaxants – Local anesthesia and a variety of other methods to relax patients can have different effects that may be negative. Let your dentist know if you have experienced a negative reaction to these methods in the past. 
  • Medicine, Supplements, Vitamins – Any medications you may be taking along with any other supplements or vitamins could mix negatively with certain medicines your dentist might prescribe you if they felt needed to do so. Let your dentist know all of these to remove the chance of a negative reaction occurring. 
  • Metals used in fillings, brackets, and other procedural materials can cause reactions in people whose body responds negatively to such substances. Be sure to know the material being used in your procedure. 

Letting Your Dentist Know Your Conditions

These types of materials are generally safe, but if you have allergies it is essential to let those be known before an appointment takes place. Your dentist is trained and ready to provide an alternative. We want the best oral care for you, regardless of condition. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call or be sure to ask us at your next appointment. 

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