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Why Should I Go to the Dentist Every Six Months?

When life gets crazy, the thought of scheduling dental appointments every six months can easily get pushed to the backburner. And let’s be honest- when is life not crazy?

Let’s say you’re questioning the purpose behind semi annual checkups. You know they’re essential to healthy teeth and gums- but why?

In short, regular checkups and professional cleanings are going to keep your gums and teeth healthy, prevent problems, and stop any new issues before they get worse.

The Importance of a Professional Cleaning

Even when you brush your teeth and floss according to your dentist’s recommendations, plaque and tartar can build up that require a deeper cleaning. This maintenance will help prevent serious buildup that can lead to problems down the road. During your dental appointment, you’ll get a thorough and professional brushing, flossing, and cleaning process to reset your mouth to optimal cleanliness.

Prevent & Mitigate Oral Health Problems

On the other hand, semi-annual appointments can stop problems at their root. This can save you pain, stress, and money from not visiting the dentist down the line when problems could worsen. Our dentists are trained to quickly find any signs of gum problems or tooth decay and provide you with reasonable treatment options that are in your best interest.

When left untreated, these issues could cause severe pain, decay, swelling, and possibly even tooth loss. If dental problems are left to worsen, they may require more extensive, costly treatments that are going to be more difficult to treat in the long run. 

In conclusion, when your daily oral hygiene is in good shape, you’re decreasing the probability of serious issues. Scheduling and following-through with routine dental appointments twice a year ensures that you’re maximizing your oral health and that if an issue pops up, it can be resolved right away and with typically less invasive treatment options.

To schedule your routine dental checkup at a local dentist, call us at 717-243-9020 or request an appointment online and our team will help get you and your family into a routine dental schedule depending on your specific needs.