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Why Replace Missing Teeth?

Why should you replace your missing teeth? When talking about replacing teeth, it is always valuable to both the patient and the provider. This stems farther than just doing it to make yourself look better. Replacing missing teeth can deter a variety of problems that are caused when they are left unchecked.

Why Replace Missing Teeth?

For the patient it gives them security in their mouth. With their teeth functioning correctly they will be able to chew properly and enhance their smile.

Replacing missing teeth makes future problems (such as teeth filling in the empty area) go away. When teeth shift, it changes one’s bite alignment. This not only makes it harder to clean the remaining teeth, but can cause Headaches and TMJ Disorder among other issues.

Once the teeth are replaced it allows the mouth to function as a full unit like it is supposed to. Overall, replacing teeth will make life better both physically and mentally for patients.

Options for Replacing Teeth

  1. Dental Implants – A surgical procedure that leaves the longest lasting and strongest results. It also does not affect surrounding teeth like dental bridge does. The main disadvantage is that not everyone can receive dental implants because of other health complications. The entire process also takes longer than other options, but that is to make sure someone who gets them recovers post-surgery correctly.
  2. Fixed Dental Bridge – An artificial tooth/teeth placed on adjacent teeth to the missing area. This option’s main disadvantage is that it affects the surrounding teeth and can lead to infections if not properly maintained.
  3. Dentures – Dentures are a removable set of teeth that can be good if you need a section or your whole mouth replaced. It is cheaper than the other options, but take much more to maintain upkeep and cleanliness.

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